Thursday, August 29, 2013



My motivation has slowed my progress down just a little bit.

On Tuesday of this Week I went to the ER with some Abdominal Pain (and I didnt go to the gym)... turns out, I just have suckie girl problems. Ew. 

And then Today, which is Thursday, I didn't go to the gym either as result of my suckie girl problems and something is tweaking out my back! I slept on it wrong Tuesday Night, Pushed through Leg Day on Wednesday (oh, the squatting pain) and now suffering the consequences Today. 
My husband told me that if My back is not better by tomorrow, we will have to go to the Chiropractors office. (I love his office. He makes my bones feel like they're shattering... weird kind of amazing good pain....) 
But ya know what? I CANT MAKE THAT AN EXCUSE.

I am setting my alarm clock tonight for 5:30 tomorrow, and I am gonna push through, and finish this week strong. I am gonna turn my set back into a comeback. 

To workout, or not to workout? What a stupid question. 
Seriously... I get high, off of the endorphins I get from working out. I seriously cant function right if I dont get my workout in. 
I need to do this. I need to do this for myself. I need to prove my inner voice wrong that tells me that this "couch is so comfortable, and those potato chips are so good, and these PJ pants still fit." 

I cannot give up now. I made a goal, and this time, I am going to keep it. I want to see 120 on the scale, I want to see 20% (or less) Body Fat... I am GOING to see that... and in fact, I would love to have at least 95 pounds of muscle on my frame!! More muscle= more calories burned doing nothing! Who loves to burn calories while you do nothing! I DO!!! 
Who knows, maybe after I hit my goal weight and BF%, I might even want to think about doing a Bikini Body Competition... but I am not gonna get that crazy (yet.)  Gotta take the small steps first. 

I need to remember that If I cheat, I am only Cheating myself. And that is a fact. I made a Goal, and now I am going to show the whole world that I am going to keep it. Turn your dreams into plans, and put those plans into action! I can do this, and so can you! 

You can do it. 
Just do it.
Wake up with Determination, go to bed with Satisfaction.
The Hardest Step is the first step.....
So do it... Take that first step.
Free fall into the unkown...
Cuz when you loose your excuses, you find your results. 

Trust me. 40+ pounds down, 10 more to go. 
Since I am starting to loose my excuses, I am slowly starting to find my results. 

So, I am signing off to catch some ZZZs before the Gym tomorrow! 
Spanks for Reading!
Shanbug <3

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