Thursday, August 15, 2013

My "Overweight" Rant... may offend some.

Well, I was going to take a nap today with the kids...
And then I got on FB.
Stupid FB.... I swear.... Almost every single time that I get onto it, I get angry.... and today it was because People sit there and complain on FB that they are over weight....
REALLY PEOPLE? You're complaining publicly that you are fat?
You want a quick fix to make you skinny?
You want a magic pill?
You dont want to change your diet?
You DONT want to work out?
You dont have time to work out?
If you have time to sit there and get on FB and IG, then you HAVE TIME to work out.

Get off your ass and do some Jumping Jacks... Some high Knees, some Burpees for goodness sakes!
Oh, you "dont have time cuz you got kids?" Honey, I have 3 kids under three. I know what "not having time" is.
I bet you find the time to have a couple beers here and there.... why dont you make life a little bit more productive than getting drunk on your back patio, and do some damn Planks?
And by the way, if you didnt know, Beer makes you fat.. PERIOD!

And if youre one of those moms that say "All the extra time I have (which is none) I want to spend it with my kids rather than working out" heres an idea!!!
BUY A FREAKING STROLLER AND GO JOGGING ONCE A DAY! Get a bike with the little bike buggy thingy and go for a freaking bike ride! GO OUT FOR A FRIGGIN WALK WITH THEM! That burns more calories than making some lame excuses, and logging to to FB and Complaining about you being FAT!

Let me get this straight....

I was a single mom at one point.... for 8 months of my twins lives! I lived off 2 hours of sleep, but still got up and did some 20 minutes at home workout with Jillian Micheals. Then I moved to utah, and my boyfriend, (now husband), moved in with me. I didnt expect him to take care of the girls. I didnt know where he stood with them... and yes I still made "me time".... I woke up early to wash my hair and shave my legs, and most the time, workout! I could have made all the excuses in the world:
I have twins, I dont sleep at night, I cant afford a gym pass, Id rather spend time with my boyfriend, I would rather spend time with my kids, I have to clean the house... BLAH BLAH BLAH!
Yes, all that stuff is important.... I do love spending time with my kids and my husband... but seriously.... dont make that an excuse of why you are not working out.

I hate hearing people complain about their mommy pouches, and how they want to get rid of them....
You want a flat stomach? Do some cardio, and eat clean! Its simple as that. 80/20... 80% Nutrition, 20% exercise.

I had twins, and another baby... do you hear me complaining about my mommy pouch? Nope...
Dont get me wrong, some days I have bad days... then I gotta get someone to slap me around and say that it is MY choice to be fat or to be fit.. and personally, I choose to be fit.
Am I all the way there yet? Not yet... But I bust my ass every Morning in the gym so that one day, I will be strong, lean and fit.

to all you people out there who complain about your weight, and your body not being skinny, and that you have fat every where....
you are the one sitting on your ass and doing nothing.
You are the one going to sleep late and waking up late.
You are the one who is feeding yourself all that junk food!
No one is forcing you to eat all that crap that you are eating that is making you fat!

Instead of that bowl of sugary cereal in the morning, try some fruit.. or some oatmeal.
Dont grab that "satisfying snickers bar" at snack time.. pack some carrots and humus.
Oh, you eat at McDonalds for lunch? Eat a salad, not a burger...
Stop drinking soda... drink some water with lemon in it.

One bad meal wont make you fat, just as one healthy meal wont make you skinny.

GTFO FB and IG and move your body....
And if you are not willing to do that, then STFU about how you are "over weight" or how you "dont like your body" or how you want to "be skinny so bad"
Its really annoying, and it makes no sense what so ever.

Rant Over.
Shanbug <3

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