Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Workout Confession...

I was doing so good... Working out every day but sunday... 6 days straight...
Then Sunday Night happened...
As my husby proceeded to tell me that he is going on a camping trip with the youth... ON TUESDAY.
Oh my gosh...
You have 24 hours to plan, buy and pack everything.. are you serious? What about my workouts? I cant skip 4 days and then just hop back on the bandwagon.
I could Rant on and on about this... but I shouldn't.
I am such a prepared freak, its not even funny. If I know we are going somewhere, I start packing like 2 weeks before. I have lists after lists of things I need to bring and do and like 2 days before we even leave, I am ready. My Husby, on the other hand, is completely different than me.
Thats okay though.... I still love that man.

I had to give up my workouts... Just for this week. Luckily, I was only on Day 7 of 84 days.
I talked to my PT and he said it would just be best if I were to start over on Monday..
So here I am... on Tuesday... counting down the days till I can start training again.

Being here with the kids is fun, and hard. Thank goodness we have Nonnie here with us... she is such an awesome help. I love her... (thats my mom... there is no such thing as "Grandma" in this house) lol.

I really miss my husby and all... he's only been gone like 12 hours. (If you cant tell, we dont spend a lot of time apart... this is only the 2nd time I have been away from him for longer than a night... we love eachother... A LOT)

But...... I REALLY miss the gym.
I love how it makes me feel... all gross and sweaty and sore and stuff. I love that feeling of "oh my gosh, I am going to die..." but pushing through the workouts and coming out on top.  I love waking up the next day, and barely being able to move. That feeling is THE BEST.
Not to mention, I suffer from PPD ever since baby Lucas was about 3 weeks old... and on days when I go to the gym, I don't have it! I swear, its my drug, and I am addicted. I feel like I am having withdraws... like a freaking crack head.
I'm sitting here on my computer like tweaking out and stuff.
-Just Kidding, maybe-

But anyways, I just thought I would be truthful to you all about my workout schedule.... It makes me feel better about myself.
For some strange reason.

-Shanbug <3

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