Sunday, July 28, 2013

48 Hour Cleanse

Hello all ya'll!
I am so happy to report that I have officially finished my FIRST EVER successful 48-Hour cleanse. This has been my goal ever since I have started on Isagenix.

You can either Deep cleanse (which is 48 hours) or do Everyday cleansing (morning and night).
I made a commitment that I was GOING to finish a 48 hour cleanse, and my opportunity arose when I came with my husband on a business trip!

I Could always make it through the first 24 Hours with no sweat, but the next 24 hours is where I always fell. My 3 kids would be extra fussy the 2nd 24 hours cuz they smelled the fear on me... They knew I wanted to do something fro myself for once, and they weren't about to let that happen. So now, since I am on a business trip with the Husby, I have no excuse!
I started at 8 am on Friday morning, and now it is Sunday and 8:30! I did it. I finally Did it! I cant tell you how happy I am for myself! I knew I had the self control to get through this! It is all in your mind!

I would like to share my personal results from the 48 Hour cleanse...
But I ask you to please not hate on my mommy body.... It is under construction... and all those stretch marks you see? Well, I earned them. I popped out twins... give me a break.

I wish I would have had a body composition scale to weigh myself before and after, but I didnt... So I cant tell you how many pounds I lost, but you sure can see a difference in my stomach!
The top three are before and the bottom three are today!

Isagenix works! It really does!

I am ready to start my 12 week workout coarse now! Tuesday, hurry up and come already! 
(thats what she said) :P

Shanbug <3


  1. So when you are on this cleanse do you just starve yourself?

    1. No, you do not "starve yourself"
      What you are doing is letting your body take a break from digesting all the processed and toxin filled food that we eat daily, and you are cleansing your system. You take the Cleanse For Life (picture shown) 4x a day. You also eat these little things called "snacks" by isagenix, and you have the option to buy these things call "isadelights." They are a chocolate that you can have 6 times a day while cleansing and you suck on them. They help take your mind off of cleansing and help you get throughout the day.
      Cleansing is amazing, and the only correct way to loose weight.