Saturday, September 21, 2013

What is so Important about cleansing?

What is so wrong about traditional diets?

Did you know that you have TONS of toxins inside your body RIGHT NOW!? The air that you breath is even filled with toxins. The food that you eat is FULL of toxins! The products that you use on your body is full of toxins!
Your body does not know what to do with all the toxins, so do you know what it does? The body envelops the toxins with layers of fat that is stored all around your body! Stubborn fat? More like Toxins that are covered in fat! Lets take a look at some reasons why our society is so sick and overweight:
Thats pretty gross... Everything we do, even when we breath, we are ingesting chemicals. yuck!

Here is a small explanation about the effect of toxins on your weight loss.
(I re-did a little picture I found on the internet, and made it cute... 'cuz I like cute things.)

When you are on a regular diet, yes, you may be loosing weight, but you are not Cleansing your body to get rid of these toxins. As a result of having tons of stored up toxins in your body, you REBOUND... we all know this is the "yo-yo" effect.
When you are on Isagenix, you are cleansing your body from all these horrible toxins, which in return, you are not rebounding!
 Here is a picture of what happen to your body when you loose fat.

And lets see the effects of CLEANSING your body Also.

THAT IS THE ISAGENIX DIFFERENCE. Cleansing your body from toxins, that are doing your body harm, and KEEPING you fat.

Here are 7 reasons to cleanse.

How do these cleanse days work, you ask?

I want to help people SO bad to reach their goals. I never thought it was possible to reach mine, and yet I did...
And if I could even only help just ONE person do what I have just did, it would be so worth it.

Isagenix is a household name in our home. I personally use the system EVERY SINGLE DAY. My husband uses the Dairy-Free system also. I even give it to my kids! They love to have their shake every single day, and I know that even though my kids are not the best eaters, that with the shakes, they are getting everything they need to fill in the "gaps" in their diet. When the sick season starts to come around, I give my family members the cleanse in the morning and some in the evening, and it seems to help a TON!

If you need help loosing weight, gaining lean muscle mass, having more energy throughout the day, anti-aging or even maintaining weight, please feel free to contact me. It will be the best step you could ever take.
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Thanks everyone!

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